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Annapolis’ historic downtown offers so much for tourists to do during the day that many turn in for the night right after dinner. Luckily, couples who still have energy after journeying into the city and arriving late in the afternoon will find a fun happy hour scene, great dining, and excellent live music available in… read more

Historic Inn, Hotel, Annapolis

In general, chain hotels feel impersonal, lacking personality and culture. They are usually totally devoid of the history and distinct flavors of the area where they are located.  If you and your loved one are considering a weekend summer getaway, an Inn will be often a better choice for accommodations. Below are the best 5… read more

Historic Inn, Lodging

Dedicated on February 24, 1984, the Banneker-Douglass Museum (BDM) is Maryland’s official museum of African American history and culture, especially as this culture relates to the state. Its exhibitions, programs, and projects are intended to increase appreciation and understanding of America’s rich cultural diversity. The museum’s original building was known as the Mt. Moriah African… read more

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Dedicated on July 23, 1998, the Maryland World War II Memorial is devoted to citizens of the state who perished during the greatest military conflict that man has ever seen. Built in Annapolis on Route 450, overlooking the Severn River and near the U.S. Naval Academy, the memorial was designed by architect Secundino Fernandez. Memorial… read more

Lodging,Historic Inn, Hotel, Annapolis

This year the 71st Annual Annapolis Crab Feast will be held on Friday August 5, 2016 at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis. This is the world’s largest crab feast! The event is an all-you-can-eat/drink party organized by the Rotary Club of Annapolis to help raise funds for local community and cultural organizations. The feast… read more

Hotel, Inn. Annapolis MD

Fishing is a popular pass time. It is important to fish responsibly. If you catch a fish that is small, gently release it from your fishing rod and throw it back in the water. Be careful and gentle to the fish. Select tackle that matches the size of the targeted species in order to minimize… read more

Historic Inn, Hotel, Annapolis

If you want to catch fish or crabs, you must follow the State of Maryland’s rules and regulations. If you are under 16 years of age,  you are exempt from State licensing regulations. Anyone 16 years of age or older needs to be sure to follow the rules in their age bracket and the type… read more

The wind is in control when you are sailing. You must guide your sailboat according to the direction of the wind. A sailboat cannot sail directly into the wind. Always keep your sail 45 degrees toward the wind; this is known as being close hauled. The sailboat is on beam reach when it is across… read more

Maryland produces over 400 different wines that will please any wine enthusiast. With the large variety of  wines to choose from. Maryland has a rich history of growing delicious wine grapes coupled with an ideal climate to help the grapes ripen to perfection for wine making. This  delights Maryland wine drinkers and tourists alike. Wineries… read more

Boating, sailing, and cruising are an important part of the Annapolis lifestyle. A few other popular ways to enjoy the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and surrounding waters is kayaking and canoeing. You’re right next to the water, exercising,  and relaxing in nature. Here are a few of Annapolis’ favorite places to enjoy the water. Truxtun Park… read more