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Watermark believes the “Four Centuries Walking Tour of Annapolis” offers visitors the very best their company can offer. It connects attendees to the city’s colonial era and historic events that led to American independence. Fans of history will be entertained by 400 years worth of Annapolis stories on either the 2-hour 15-minute or 90-minute version of the tour.

Top Tour Guides

Watermark’s courteous, experienced, and well-trained guides have helped visitors discover and enjoy Annapolis for more than 30 years.

Dressed in colonial attire, a knowledgeable tour guide will accompany guests through Annapolis’ Historic District, where they will pass several 18th century mansions, some of which are National Historic Landmarks. The guide’s colorful narration will discuss their famous residents and remarkable architecture.

The tour will then proceed to the Maryland State House, where George Washington resigned as Commander in Chief after the Revolutionary War in 1783.

Two Tour Versions

Guests taking the 90-minute tour will finish their excursion at the entrance of the United States Naval Academy (USNA). Those taking the 2-hour 15 minute tour will continue and enter the beautiful campus, where future officers of the U.S. Navy and Marines are trained.

United States Naval Academy

Certified by the USNA, Watermark’s guides will lead their guests on an inspiring tour of the Naval Academy. The stops include the Naval Chapel, the Crypt of John Paul Jones, and Bancroft Hall. Depending on the weather and academy schedule, tour attendees will be able to watch the ceremonial midshipmen’s Noon Meal Formation.

Tour Information

Please click on the links below for more information and to buy tickets.

2-Hour 15 Minute Tour – Includes Annapolis Historic District and Naval Academy.

90-Minute Tour – Annapolis Historic District Only

Your Inn Near the Four Centuries Walking Tour

The starting points of the tour are nearby Gibson’s Lodgings, a historic inn located in downtown Annapolis offering superb accommodations and free parking for guests.

If you decide on only touring the Historic District with Watermark, be sure to take the Public Tour offered by the United States Naval Academy while you are in Annapolis. For the academy’s current public, special, sports, and musical events, please click on this link from their website: USNA Calendar

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