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Historic Inn Annapolis MDGet your holiday shopping done in beautiful and historic Annapolis during the first three Thursdays of December 2018. Tour the landmarks of America’s founding fathers and heroes during the day and shop for your loved ones’ presents at night. Many visitors know that the United States Naval Academy is located in Maryland’s capital, but only few are aware of Annapolis’ Midnight Madness.

Midnight Madness Locations

Decked in holiday cheer, shops in the Historic Annapolis district are ready to welcome all comers for a joyous party to celebrate the season. Street entertainers will sing and play music to create a festive mood as you shop. For those who have an appetite or thirst for good cheer, dining and drinking establishments await them on Main Street, State Circle/Maryland Avenue, and the Arts District in downtown Annapolis.

Arts District – Walk to West Street, between Church Circle and the Westin Annapolis Hotel, and have fun in Annapolis’ vibrant Art District. In addition to fine art galleries, there will be well-regarded restaurants and rousing music venues.

Main Street – Main Street has kept some of its 18th century ambiance even though we are now in the 21st century, and there you will see four hundred years of architecture. Tourists will see views of Midshipmen wearing their uniforms, Chesapeake Bay, restaurants, and gift shops.

State Circle/Maryland Avenue – Many locals believe State Circle & Maryland Avenue is the focal point of Annapolis. There you will find the Maryland State House, the oldest legislative structure in the United States that has remained in continuous use. Historians consider Maryland Avenue as the state’s most historically significant road, and the street provides important museums, fine antique shops, art galleries, and colonial-era buildings.

Midnight Madness Details

Starting Location: Historic Annapolis Museum Store, 99 Main Street, Annapolis

Dates: First 3 Thursdays of December 2018

1) December 6 (6 p.m. to Midnight)

2) December 13 (6 p.m. to Midnight)

3) December 20 (6 p.m. to 11 p.m.)

Your Inn Near Midnight Madness

The Historic Annapolis Museum Store is less than a quarter of a mile away from Gibson’s Lodgings, a historic inn located in downtown Annapolis. Call us to reserve your room at our toll free number (877) 330-0057. We’ll be very happy to serve you and your family throughout the year.

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