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 Historic Inn, Hotel, AnnapolisIn general, chain hotels feel impersonal, lacking personality and culture. They are usually totally devoid of the history and distinct flavors of the area where they are located.  If you and your loved one are considering a weekend summer getaway, an Inn will be often a better choice for accommodations. Below are the best 5 reasons for choosing an Inn for a couple’s romantic summer getaway.

1. Privacy & Quiet

Usually situated in restored old mansions or stately homes, Inns offer like ours are more exclusive and placid experience for their guests. Often located off the beaten path or the countryside, Inns can offer the serenity that cannot be found at many hotels.

2. Better Value

Inns offer better amenities, costing less than comparable hotels and offer much more value in terms of the average cost per night. As opposed to many hotels, WiFi, concierge services, and parking are usually free. Recreational activities and luxury furnishings are often part of an Inn’s package.

3. Secure Stay

Inns ordinarily have a fewer number of guests entering and exiting the facility. As a result of much less commotion, owners are much more able to observe all that is happening in the property than the staff of a hotel, which may overly rely on their security cameras.

4. Personal Service

As there will be a handful of guests at an Inn, you will get much better service than one would at a hotel. An owner will usually be also the concierge, and he or she will be a long-time local who will be glad to provide expert guidance regarding landmarks, outdoor activities, dining, and entertainment in the area.

5. More Romantic

Inns are much more exclusive than hotels and cater more to couples than families with children. This naturally allows a much more intimate experience for guests. Inns now focus their marketing on being the ideal romantic getaway because of their popularity with couples. Many Inns offer romantic packages that include local excursions and evening activities.

Make Gibson’s Lodgings, a historic inn located in downtown Annapolis, your destination for a romantic summer getaway. Call us to reserve your room at our toll free number 877-330-0057. We’ll be very happy to serve you and your loved one throughout the year.

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