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 Hotel, Inn. Annapolis MDBooking your hotel room can be fast and easy. You can book it online via the hotel website, through a third party, or with Gibson’s Lodgings front desk staff. All of these options are better than using a third party site. You can book your room directly with hotel staff and it’s a reliable and safe option. Here are the reasons why should make your booking directly with our hotel:

  • It is simple

Booking a room directly with hotel makes a reservation easy and simple as there is no third party involved. This system leaves no room for error and is safe and secure.

  • Comparison

You can first compare the different services of hotels online, make a shortlist of the ones that strike your fancy, compare the services and then call or email us directly to learn about discounts or promotions.

  • Choice

Booking hotels through third party sites may limit room choice. There are several room blocks that are set aside for third party use only. So, it is advantageous to book your room through direct reservation with the hotel staff, as that way you can select any room available.

  • Flexibility

Booking a room directly with hotel offers you flexibility. If you have booked a room but for some reason you have to postpone the plan or shift dates, you can discuss it with the hotel management directly.

  • Perks

Booking a hotel directly might provide you additional services and perks. The management may set aside special bonuses or promotions only available to those who reserve directly.

Next time you make your booking directly with the hotel please call Gibson’s Lodgings in Annapolis, Maryland. They will provide you the best services within an affordable price range. The delicious breakfast, additional services and well furnished rooms will make it worthwhile. You should try Gibson’s Lodgings for the perfect getaway just steps from downtown Annapolis.

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