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 Hotel, Inn. Annapolis MDWhether it’s a family vacation or a business trip, choosing accommodations can be tough. Travelers don’t want to abandon the comforts of home when they stay in a hotel, and want to be sure their hotel room and the common areas feel comfortable, welcoming, and safe. Helpful and friendly service from the hotel staff is the icing on the cake, making the entire stay a comfortable and memorable experience.

If you want to experience old world of charm, authenticity and true pleasure, then you must explore Downtown Annapolis, a city that is included in the list of the most romantic places in the nation. Downtown Annapolis is a perfect destination and a blend of 5 different neighborhoods: Maryland Avenue, West Annapolis, City Dock, Eastport and West Street. Here are some quick tips to get the best hospitality in Downtown Annapolis:

1. Location

Before selecting and booking your hotel, check the location. Tourist favorites and hangout places should be close by. Make sure your lodging is accessible to the airport and bus stops.

2. Services

You can choose hospitality and amenities. Services such as a well-lit parking area and free Wi-Fi make any hotel stay more comfortable. Friendly staff are also key to a great trip.  At our hotel, you will get the best hospitality in Downtown Annapolis.

3. Food

Food choices abound around our hotel, and the right meal can uplift your mood and spirits! You can choose among the variety of restaurants near our hotel according to your choice and appetite.

4. Reviews

Check out the rave reviews posted by our previous and returning guests. This will reassure you that you’re making the right choice.

5. Observe

Take in the beauty of the garden, reception area, outside area and interior ambience before checking in to any hotel. These small things are an indicator of great services and management.

6. Cost

Most travellers want a combination of the best amenities and a great value. Check out the facility and amenities that your hotel provides.

7. Attractions

There are many hotels that have nearby attractions like theatre, galleries, tours, dining, rides, monument walks and so on. Pick the timing of your stay according to your choice attraction.

We hope these tips will help you.

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