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 Hotel, Inn. Annapolis MDVisitors come from near and far to enjoy the Chesapeake Bay. A variety of boat tours are available to choose from including public cruises, private boat tours, sailing tours, and chartered tours.

Schooners Woodwind Cruises sail from the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel. This company owns two 74 foot schooner boats that each take 2-hour tours on the Chesapeake Bay each day. Private party cruises are also available. Call 410-263-8994 for more information and reservations.

Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake is a wonderful tour for families with young kids. This is a fun place to have a birthday party or special celebration. The Sea Gypsy sails the Chesapeake Bay a few times each day seven days a week. Please call for more information and reservations at 410-263-0002.

Watermark Cruises have cruises that last from 40 minutes to 90 minutes to full day excursions. Their specialty includes pirate cruises, music cruises and lighthouse cruises. They have special events throughout the year. They also offer a water taxi service throughout Annapolis Harbor. Call for more information and reservations at 410-268-7601.

Watermen Heritage Tours lets you experience life as a waterman on the Chesapeake Bay. Choose from crabbing adventures, kayaking, sailing at sunset, and skipjack charters. Call for more information and reservations at 443-261-2369.

Admiral of the Bay This tour company owns motor yachts, sailing yachts and charter boats for your enjoyment for any occasion sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. Call for more information and reservations at 410-263-5196.

Choose from powerboats, sailboats, charters and luxury yacht charters. Rentals are available to sail on the Chesapeake Bay for a half day, a full day, overnight or weekly. Please call for more information and for reservations at 410-956-9729.

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