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 Hotel, Inn. Annapolis MDFishing is a popular pass time. It is important to fish responsibly. If you catch a fish that is small, gently release it from your fishing rod and throw it back in the water.

Be careful and gentle to the fish. Select tackle that matches the size of the targeted species in order to minimize stress on the fish. Large fish should be brought alongside the boat within 20 minutes of being hooked. If you notice that you are landing fish that are exhausted or that require extensive efforts to resuscitate, try switching to heavier tackle in order to reduce the amount of time it takes to catch and release the fish. Products that are identified as Fish-Smart Tackle may help you release your catch with more grace and ease.

Use wet hands when handling a fish or knot less rubberized landing nets and rubberized gloves. This helps maintain the slime coat on the fish, which protects it from infection and aids in swimming. Never use a towel of any kind when handling fish since a towel can remove this slime coat.

Hold the fish horizontally whenever possible since this is the way fish naturally swim through the water. Be careful not drop the fish onto hard surfaces!

Keep your fingers away from the gills and eyes of the fish. If needed, use a release tools such as dehookers and recompression tools to minimize handling of the fish.

Release the fish immediately after getting it off of your hook; do not keep them out of the water longer than necessary. Always release your fish head first into the water. When you release a fish head first, it forces water through the mouth and over the gills, which helps to resuscitate the fish. Revive exhausted fish by placing the fish in the water, facing the current if possible, with one hand underneath the belly and the other hand holding the bottom lip or tail.

Follow current fishing rules in the area where you are fishing. Be sure to clean up all trash, fishing line, and tackle in the area where you were fishing to protect the fish and the environment.

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