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home_ghost_toursMany believe there are ghosts in Annapolis! Yes, that is true.   If you’re brave enough to explore, there are a few Ghost Tours to choose from! These tours will give you all the information you’re curious about. You’ll learn where the ghosts hang out, why they are still hanging around, and how living people can tell that ghosts are really still on earth.

If you’re really daring, you could take a tour of haunted pubs on Annapolis’ Haunted Pub Crawl. You’ll hear stories about the resident ghosts, haunted taverns and restless ghost spirits. You’ll want to be sure to stay wide awake for this tour and have a drink with the ghost spirits!

During the Haunted Pub Crawl, you’ll visit each pub for at least 30 minutes, giving you time to have a drink, and use the restroom, along with hearing stories about the ghosts that hang out in each pub that you visit. Since the tours are in pubs, you must be at least 21 to take this tour. The tour will include 3 or 4 pubs full of frightfully scary and fun stories about the ghosts amongst the pubs.

If you’re interested in learning about the murder, mayhem, sex and scandals in Annapolis’ history  you’ll want to try the Twisted History Crawl to learn from the Twisted Historian  about these sad and scary events how and why they took place.  For 300 years, travelers and locals alike have been bellying up to the  bar at local historic pubs and taverns in Annapolis. From founding fathers to pirates, tourists and anyone in need of food, drink or entertainment found their way into the many historic bars, so be sure to follow in their footsteps, but  be careful of the ghosts!

The Twisted History Pub Crawl is a 2-hour walking tour , that’s about a half mile of walking into some of the most historic and famous taverns in Annapolis. This tour spends about 20 minutes at each pub.

Perhaps  you’d like to take a 90 minute nighttime Walking Ghost Tour.  This tour takes you through the historic downtown district on an eerie journey into Annapolis’ dark and troubled past. You might even meet some of Annapolis’ more spirited residents while visiting the most horrific haunted sites! You’ll want to be wide awake for this tour.

If you happen to visit Annapolis around Christmas, check out the Ghost of Christmas past tour, if you dare!

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