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Imagine a place that has the magical feeling you’re looking for, a place that captures the moment for that perfect getaway, or a place where you and your loved one can re-capture the moment when you first looked into each other’s eyes. Out of all the places in the world, Annapolis, Maryland has a feeling that is truly speechless. From beautiful scenery, gourmet foods, and a history that captivates you as soon as you land. Annapolis brings all these things to light; it can genuinely take your breath away. But with all these exciting things waiting for you, there’s one spot that’s in the center of all these attractions. It sounds too good to be true but Gibson’s Lodgings has been experiencing and cultivating the getaway trip you’ve been yearning for since the 19th century. It’s been called “A True Find”, “Best Place in Town”, and my favorite “The Home Away from Home”.

This place has been operating for decades, growing within and orchestrating the beautiful culture Annapolis has to offer. This Victorian-style lodge has 20 different rooms, with each room bringing forth that warm homey feeling you’re looking for on a vacation. When you hear the words from previous guests: “Spacious”, I Would Stay Again”, or “Just Straight Old Fashioned”, that lets you know you are in good hands; the hands of people that will care and serve so your experience is breathtaking. With rich history all around you at Gibson’s Lodgings, you can walk to museums, monuments, and learn more from historical tours.

You can also walk to some of the best restaurants in town and experience some great Annapolis food. As you are in the middle of the excitement of Annapolis, your experience is limitless. If you’re looking for a great getaway, a ladies retreat, or romance with your loved one, wouldn’t it be best to trust the people that give you the best opportunity? You’ll be in good hands when you trust Gibson’s Lodgings; they will provide you the maximum Annapolis experience. They also offer free parking when you stay at Gibson’s Lodgings.

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