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hammond-harwood-houseThe Hammond-Harwood House was built in 1774 for patriot and legislator Matthias Hammond, who was elected to the Maryland legislature in 1773. He was working with renowned architect William Buckland to have a beautiful townhouse built in an upscale area of Annapolis. Matthias Hammond never ended up living in this home, and eventually it became the home of Buckland’s descendants.

Buckland designed mainstream architecture in the colonies. The Hammond-Harwood House was one of the favorites of architect designer William Buckland. Unfortunately Buckland died before this house was complete. During the Civil War and World War I, the Hammond- Harwood House was admired. In 1924 after the death of Hester Ann Harwood, the house was almost destroyed before the purchase of St. John’s College, who used it for their decorative arts program. In 1940 the Hammond-Harwood House Association was formed and they purchased the house and helped to preserve it as a historical landmark.

This building became a museum since 1940. The displays and exhibits include late 18th century ceramics, enamels, furniture, glass and silver pieces. You can also see an 18th century watercolor set, an 18 century medicine chest , a surveyor’s set of drafting tools, a delicate sewing kit, a pair of spectacles, a child’s furniture set and kitchen artifacts.

The museum is home to a collection of paintings; more than a dozen were created by the Peale family of artists. At least 8 paintings were created by Charles Willson Peale, a Maryland native, who studied painting in England t before returning to Maryland. The house ranks architecturally with many of the great mansions built in the late Colonial period.

When planning to visit the Hammond-Harwood House Museum, please plan at least 1 hour to tour the museum. Guided 45 minute tours are available Tuesday through Sunday on the hour, noon through 5 pm, April through October and Tuesday through Sunday on the hour noon through 4 pm in November and December. The last tour begins 1 hour before closing.  For more information including current admission rates call 410-263-4683. Located at 19 Maryland Ave. in Annapolis.

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