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 Historic Inn, LodgingThe Historical Annapolis Foundation, also known as HAF, along with private citizens takes pride in the rich history of this beautiful city. Together they help to preserve and restore keep up with the maintenance and regulations of the more than 1500 historical buildings of Annapolis located in the city’s Natural History District.

The Historical Annapolis Foundation (HAF) has created color coded historical markers make it easier for both tourists and local residents to easily learn the architectural time period of historical buildings.

HAF has chosen to put a design of the Liberty Tree, also known as a Tulip Poplar, which lived for 400 years in Annapolis until Hurricane Floyd cracked the tree trunk and a major limb, making it dangerous to let stand any longer. The Liberty Tree stood on St. John’s College campus for centuries and often served as a gathering place during different historical events.

Here is the list of color codes you’ll need to know as you’re touring around historic Annapolis:

The Dark Green Markers indicate that the buildings were built in the 17th century between the years 1684 to 1700.

The Bronze Markers tell us that the buildings were built in the 18th century National Importance.

The Red Brick Markers indicate the building was built in the 18th century Georgian Federal between 1700 and 1784.

The Blue Markers indicate the building was built Federal Style between 1700 and 1840.

The Light Green Markers indicate the Greek Revival from 1820 to 1860.

The Purple Markers indicate the building is from the Victorian Period from 1837 to 1901.

The Grey Markers are from 19th or 20th century, Annapolis vernacular built between 1837 and 1921.

The Yellow Markers are distinctive homes and buildings built in the 20th century, from 1900 to present date.

The Historical Annapolis Foundation regulates which buildings and homes are awarded the historical building title. The HAF determine if buildings need to be restored or in the need of maintenance before being awarded the title of an historical building.

Tours of these  are often best seen on walking tours through these narrow streets, though there are other options available to fit your needs. The Gibson’s Lodgings of Annapolis will be happy to help you to set up reservations to stay in their beautiful bed and breakfast while you stay in Annapolis and will help you set up an historical building tour that is best suited for your needs. Contact or call the Gibson’s Lodging of Annapolis today to book your reservation at 1-877-330-0057.

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