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Gibson's Lodging - How to catch a fishIf you are interested in learning to fish or improving your skills, it’s important to buy yourself a nice fishing pole. Look for one made of fiberglass or graphite. They are sold as inexpensively as $10. Be sure to buy a spool of mono filament fishing line. If you’re going to fish in fresh water you’ll probably be catching fish that are about 6 to 8 pounds.

If you are saltwater fishing you might be lucky to catch fish that are 10 to 12 pounds. Be sure you get the proper fishing line to handle pulling those weights out of the water.  You will also need bobbers, split shot sinkers and separate hooks for small and large bait. Get a good small tackle box to carry everything you need easily.  These boxes  feature little trays that will help you stay organized.

You can catch your own bait in your backyard by catching crickets and red worms, or you can buy it at a bait and tackle shop.

Cut your line about one foot longer than your fishing pole. Wrap an end around the tip of your pole. Be sure to tie it tightly, so it will be able to hold up when a big old fish is tugging on it.

Put a 3/0 hook on your pole for long worms and a 1/0 hook for smaller bait. Tie a tight knot on your hook that will stay in place when the fish is on your hook.

Fishing is a sport of patience and waiting, and at the same time being ready to pull a fish in when it finds its way onto your fishing pole.

Bobber fishing can help you to know when a fish has found your pole, so you can quickly pull it out. Carefully pull the fish out of the water. You might need pliers to remove the line from the fish’s mouth.

Take a photo of your fish. If it’s big enough to take home for dinner do that, but if it’s small throw it back in the water to let it grow.0.

Before you come to Annapolis for your fishing trip, be sure to contact Gibson’s Lodging to make reservations for your beautiful bed and breakfast room.  Call or contact them today at 877-330-0057.

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