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maryland-state-houseThe Capital building of the state of Maryland is called the State House located in Annapolis. It was first established in 1772 making it the oldest state capital used continuously for legislative use. The Maryland House is currently home of the  Maryland General Assembly and offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor . The Maryland State House was built with Georgian architecture, which was very popular in the mid- to late-1700’s. This is a National Historical Landmark building.

The Maryland State House is the site of historic events that occurred  during the American Revolution. This is where George Washington resigned as commander in chief of the Continental  Army and where the ratification of the Treaty of Paris took place. The Maryland State House is run by the State House Trust which ensures that the use of the building is as it is intended. The trust also take cares of the building and maintenance to keep it up to the standards of a Historical Landmark. In addition, the Trust takes responsibility for the use of the public areas of the State House.

The State House is open to the public daily from 9 AM to 5 PM except for Christmas and New Year’s Day.

You are welcome to take a self-guided tour. Information is available in the Office of Interpretation on the first floor of the Maryland State House.

For information about the Maryland General Assembly’s educational programs, including State House tours, call the Department of Legislative Services Visitors Program Coordinator at 410-946-5400 or 301-970-5400 or 1-800-492-1733 ext. 5400.

Tours can be arranged to see the Maryland State Building and the artwork throughout the building by calling the Office of Interpretation at 410-260-6445. The tour is free, but donations are encouraged and gratefully accepted to help preserve this historical landmark.

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