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Wind Directions - Sailing - Gibson's LodgingThe wind is in control when you are sailing. You must guide your sailboat according to the direction of the wind. A sailboat cannot sail directly into the wind. Always keep your sail 45 degrees toward the wind; this is known as being close hauled.

The sailboat is on beam reach when it is across the wind with the wind coming over either side of the boat.

Your sailboat is running when it is floating directly into the downwind.

Sailing on a broad reach is when your boat is sailing at a broad angle off the wind.

Learning how to position your sailboat relative to the wind direction is vital for the way you set your sails and how you position your body weight on your sailboat.  It’s easy to figure out by tying a short piece of yarn to the boat’s shrouds and noticing which way the wind is blowing. This is a great way to know how to set your sails for a fun day of sailing.

As you are sailing you will find that the motion of the boat effects the direction, because the boat’s movement through the air creates its own wind. Also, the wind might shift another direction as you are moving along or appear to have a combination of wind directions that make you recalculate your sails. You always have to be ready to adjust your sails according to the direction of the wind.

It’s important to learn how to understand wind conditions and anticipate changes in the wind and water. Learn how to observe the boat and water to understand wind conditions and anticipate changes.

A main sheet traveler helps you set the mainsail perfectly at different points of sail. Learn how to use it to your advantage and for your safety and protection on the water.

The mainsail out haul is another sail control that helps you shape the mainsail for different wind conditions. It can help you build speed in the wind from your boat.

A boom vang also helps control the mainsail when you’re off the wind.

It’s worth taking the time for sailing lessons. These terms are important to learn to get started or sharpen your sailing skills.

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