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Gibson's Lodging, Annapolis,MD

Gibson’s Lodging, Annapolis,MD

Located at 60 College Avenue  in Annapolis, St. John’s College is a 4-year liberal arts school where approximately 500 students attend each year. All undergraduates share in a common rigorous liberal arts curriculum that encourages students to focus on their powers of reasoning and invention to the fullest extent.

Two graduate degree programs are also offered each year–Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Master of Arts in Eastern Classics. These programs seek to promote a critical understanding of our intellectual heritage and to encourage learning through the study of great books. Their goal is to develop and focus strong habits of learning and to support specialized or professional learning.

This college is considered unconventional.  The school offered a traditional liberal arts education until 1937 when it adopted a curriculum based on the study of classics. Students follow the same program, they read and discuss classics in philosophy, literature, theology, history political science, economics, and mathematics and laboratory sciences. Faculty members participate in these small, seminar-style classes instead of lecturing or focusing on grades.

St. John’s College faculty are dedicated to teaching and are readily available to students. All classes are small (13-19 students), ensuring that every student has a voice; the overall faculty-student ratio is 1 to 8. Paper conferences, informal study groups, the “Take a Tutor to Lunch” program, and offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities  to provide many  occasions for students to connect with faculty members.

In 1742, St. John’s College was established succeeding the 1696 King William’s School. Francis Scott Key was among the students of St. John’s College.

The Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Gallery displays changing exhibits during the academic year. McDowell Hall opened in 1742 as the Colonial governor’s mansion, but it was never completed. A walking tour featuring 19 buildings and monuments of historic and architectural interest and can be arranged through  the Admission’s Office.

The Elizabeth Myers Mitchell Gallery is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 5 pm and also on Fridays from 7 until o 8 pm when a new exhibit is being shown. The gallery events are free. Call 410-626-2556 for more information.

To tour the St. John’s Annapolis campus please contact the Admission’s Office at 410-626-2522 or 1-800-727-9238.

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