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 Hotel, Inn. Annapolis MDThe concept of the Inns started in Europe. It’s a lodging where people rent out a room or a few rooms to travelers to stay and offers comforts and amenities with the price of the room often for much less than it would cost to stay in a standard hotel or motel.

In the United States, Inns became popular with the early settlers. Pioneers traveling felt safer and more comfortable staying in someone’s home renting a room. This helped people who needed extra money and had extra rooms in their home to rent.

Inns provide a comfortable, homey feeling giving the traveler a chance to connect in a family environment with the local owner of the home. This can also help the traveler to learn more about the area they are staying. Often it is a much more comfortable choice to stay in an Inn where ever you are traveling.

The Gibson’s Lodges Historical Inns are located in the heart of Annapolis next to the U. S. Naval Academy and within walking distance to the City Dock where there is a wealth of things to keep you well fed and entertained. This lovely upscale home was built in the mid-1700’s and refurbished in 1908. It became an Inn in 1980. This Victorian style home makes the Gibson’s Lodgings a very charming and comfortable place to stay.

Gibson’s Lodgings offer a variety of delicious choices for continental breakfast. Their employees are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, committed to plan your best visit to Annapolis. Please call or contact the Gibson’s Lodgings of Annapolis when you are planning your trip, so they can help you to reserve a comfortable room and make suggestions on the places you’ll want to visit while in Annapolis.

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