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Office View 2Some people enjoy preparing for their trips almost as much as the actual travel! Exploring new countries is a great way to expand your mind and your horizon, but in order to enjoy it fully when, it’s best to be totally prepared. Researching prices before you book your airfare, hotel, and rental car are the first steps to ensuring an affordable and fun vacation. Packing wisely is important, so do some internet research to determine the dress codes and the climate of you vacation destination.

  • Contact the hotel

Before you plan a trip to Annapolis, contact the Gibson’s Lodgings office staff to confirm your reservation.

  • Manage Cash

If you are visiting us from overseas, make sure all your paperwork and documents are in order and that you have enough US cash in hand.

  • Planning

Do some research on customs and regulations that apply to your stay in the US and Annapolis in particular. Start planning your trip before you get here. What are the main attractions and is your hotel in walking distance? Pre-planned trips will work well and reduce stress. Go online to check out Annapolis weather conditions. Maybe you can leave the umbrella behind!

  • Map Help

Before reaching any destination it’s a great idea to map out the route ahead. There are many companies that offer GPS service in several languages. Why not read up on the driving rules and regulations in your destination.  Which side of the road do you ride on? Can you turn on a red light?

  • Hands-free gadgets

While traveling for a trip your gadgets, such as mobile phone, headphones, tablets and Bluetooth become your best friends and help you in your journey. All these devices will get you where you need to be and allow for hands-free communication while driving.

  • Web research

Do lots of research before embarking on your trip. Explore the attractions and activities at the location. Annapolis has a multitude of attractions, so take a look at the list of options and winnow it down to the must-sees.  The Gibson Lodging staff will help you decide where to go during your stay.

  • Check Local Entertainment

Check out the city “best-of” list so that you know more about the destination. You can get a long list of restaurants and cafes before you visit.

You can enjoy your vacations by reserving a room in Gibson Lodgings, located just 20 feet away from the US Naval Academy. You can enjoy pleasant weather and various attractions at a quaint and welcoming establishment. The old styled lodging is near to the City Dock, which is the main attraction of Annapolis. So, gear up yourself for the first class treatment combined with old style charm at Gibson Lodgings.

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