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As mentioned in Part 1, spring begins on March 20, 2017, and Annapolis is the best place to visit on Chesapeake Bay as the flowers bloom. Maryland’s capital is known as the Sailing Capital of the World, and you will be visiting many scenic spots on or near the water. If you are more of a landlubber, take heart. A trip to the Annapolis area means touring historic landmarks as well. Part 2 covers the second five of the Top 10 List of Spring Things to Do in Annapolis.

History and Heritage

Did you know that Annapolis was the capital of the fledgling United States from 1783 to 1784? Well, this city played a great role in America’s founding. Visit the Maryland State House, which is the oldest state house in continuous legislative use. See the Banneker-Douglass Museum, Maryland’s official museum of African American heritage. Take a tour of the Annapolis Maritime Museum, which highlights the Chesapeake Bay region’s rich maritime heritage and ecology.

Naval Academy

Located in Annapolis and founded in 1845, the Naval Academy educates and trains the future officers of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. A day tour of the campus will provide a fascinating glimpse into the everyday lives of midshipmen.  Make sure also to stop by the Naval Academy Museum, which features exhibits illustrating Naval Academy and U.S. Navy history.

Seafood of Chesapeake Bay

There is no better region in the United States for great seafood than the Mid-Atlantic, specifically the Chesapeake Bay. If you love dining on the fruits of the sea, Annapolis is the place to visit. The seafood markets of Maryland’s capital are famed for having the highest quality and freshest catch from the Chesapeake, and they are the source of the wonderful fare served by the city’s best seafood restaurants.


Serious shoppers will love Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. The Historic District and downtown of Annapolis features unique boutiques that offer maritime-themed art and products. For big brand retailers, go do your shopping at Westfield Annapolis Mall or the Arundel Mills Mall. Seeking prestigious high-end shopping? Bring your purse or wallet to The Towne Centre, which also provides enjoyable places to eat in a neighborhood atmosphere.

Trails and Beaches

Ready for discovery by hiking, biking or boating in springtime, Annapolis offers 87 miles of trails and hundreds of miles of shoreline. Located on the northwestern shore of Chesapeake Bay, Sandy Point State Park is a peaceful place for hiking and bird watching. Its Symbi Trail provides views of the pine forest in Corcoran Woods and leads to marshes filled with wildlife.

An Inn Near Spring Things to Do

The Spring Things to Do are near Gibson’s Lodgings, a historic inn located in downtown Annapolis. Call us to reserve your room at our toll free number 877-330-0057. We’ll be very happy to serve you and your family throughout the year.

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