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Lodging in Annapolis, HotelDuring the 19th century, the Chinese community of San Francisco began frequenting sophisticated restaurants in their city that served cuisine that remained largely faithful to their homeland. In contrast, small-town Chinese American restaurants owned by immigrants who were mostly self-taught family chefs began improvising their ingredients and cooking methods. As a result, some of the best-known dishes of American Chinese cuisine eventually became quite different from those made in China because they were intended to be more suited to American tastes.

As most Chinese immigration to the United States originated from the region of Toisan, Cantonese cuisine has most influenced the development of American Chinese food. Although the cooking of Chinese Americans created new flavors and dishes that were not strictly of China, their restaurants became cultural ambassadors to Americans of other backgrounds.

As in many American cities, Annapolis has several great Chinese restaurants located in the area. The following is a countdown of the Top 7 according to TripAdvisor. Click on each for more information.

7 – Pei Wei Asian Diner “Asian-Inspired. Freshly Made”

Every Pei Wei dish is made with ingredients chosen for flavor and nutrition. Inspired by ancient Asian cooking, the Pei Wai menu ranges from Chinese wok-fired classics to Thai street market spices, freshly made daily. Annapolis Town Centre at Parole

1901 Towne Centre Blvd, Suite 145 B, Annapolis. (410) 573-5060

6 – Fortune House “Make Your Life Tasty”

Founded during the 1990s, Cindy and Andy have managed Fortune House with the customer always in mind, and their business has grown annually. Their courteous approach has won the hearts of Annapolitans, resulting in an amazing customer return rate in the 90th percentile. 801 Compass Way, Unit 6, Annapolis. (410) 571-9712

5 – House of Hunan “Authentic Chinese Food”

Many Annapolitans rave about House of Hunan, saying it is a “hidden gem” that serves perhaps the best Chinese food in the area with an attentive staff. One mentioned the steamed towels as a “nice touch.” Another recommended their dried shredded beef as being “unique and delicious.” Several mentioned the freshness of their food. 2311 Forest Drive, Suite E, Annapolis. (410) 266-1680

Part 2 will cover the rest of the Top 7 Annapolis Chinese Restaurants.

Your Inn Near Great Chinese Food

The best seven Chinese restaurants in the Annapolis area are near Gibson’s Lodgings, a historic inn located in downtown Annapolis. Call us to reserve your room at our toll free number (877) 330-0057. We’ll be very happy to serve you and your family throughout the year.

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