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Hotel, Inn. Annapolis MDAs mentioned in Part 1, perhaps the most frequently visited tourist spot in Annapolis is the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA). Part 2 covers five more top sights to see at the Naval Academy.

Naval Academy Cemetery

In 1868 the Naval Academy bought 67 acres of land named Strawberry Hill as part of its expansions efforts after the American Civil War. The property became the USNA Cemetery within a year.

Naval Academy Chapel

Designed by Ernest Flagg, the Naval Academy Chapel is one of two houses of worship on the USNA grounds. Services for both Protestant and Catholic worshippers are held here. A focal point for both the city of Annapolis and the Academy, the chapel was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1961.

Naval Academy Museum

Located in Preble Hall, the United States Naval Academy Museum was founded in 1845. Occupying approximately 12,000 square feet, the museum houses four large galleries, which contains fascinating collections that depict and commemorate American naval history. An extensive collection of works of art, weapons, uniforms, flags, books, and photographs illustrate the heroism, glory, and majesty of the sailors and ships of the U.S. Navy.

Naval Academy Observatory

A gift from the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the Class of 1941, which fought in World War II within a year after graduation, the Naval Academy Observatory is a wonderful scientific platform that provides visitors an opportunity to view heavenly bodies and contemplate the vastness of space.

Temple Bell

A replica of the bell that Commodore Matthew Perry brought back from Japan in 1855 after his mission there, Temple Bell can be found to the left of the entrance to Bancroft Hall. Its plaque has the inscription: “Replica of the Temple Bell presented in 1854 to Commodore M. C. Perry, USN by the Regent of the Lew Chew Islands (Okinawa).” The bell is rung during a celebration after each Navy football victory over Army at the annual Army–Navy Game.

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Your Inn Near the Naval Academy

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